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The organizers of hope to create a forum where both the shortcomings and the exceptional positive efforts of individual council members and city staff can be highlighted and used as an information and education resource for those who wish to help keep our great city on the right path for all of its residents, not just big business.

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11/2007: IRTV?
URTV, Asheville's first community access television station was headed for greatness.

Click Here to find out how mismanagement by Pat Garlinghouse and a lazy board of directors are bringing this remarkable resource to it's knees.


10/2005: Deal Buick property on Merrimon to be developed.
The new owners have already said, "The most important thing to all of us is that it be beautiful and something Asheville can be proud of." and are open to citizen's input.

Click Here for details about the first community meeting to address this new development, organized by Heather Rayburn. Thank you Heather!

Meeting Date: 10/18/05
Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm
Location: Montford Community Center

Can't make the meeting?
Email us and we'll post your suggestions for the new owners to review.

Click Here for suggestions already proposed by local residents.


10/2005: City Council Anti-Endorsements

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck...

Democrats Take Note:
Charles Worley votes just like Joe Dunn and Carl Mumpower on a majority of issues. Just who does Worley represent these days anyhow?...Oh Right, the Developers that Pay for his Campaign:

Click Here for a short list of good reasons to vote against Worley, Dunn, and Mumpower and see how city government with Mumpower, Dunn, and Worley is government without accountability.


10/2005: Endorses City Council Candidates

  • Jones
  • Cape
  • Freeborn
  • Bellamy

Click Here for Details:
Honest Representation (2Mb quicktime Movie)

Not convinced we know what we're talking about? Have a look at the Mountain Express Primary Voter Guide.


09/2005 Proposed Parking Deck threatens Historic Downtown
At $32,000.00/space, is this the right way for city council to spend your tax dollars?

Click Here for Details:


09/2005: Rezoning for Merrimon Burger King sought by developer
After the development proposal's request for a variance was rejected, Greg Edney and his agent, former Asheville "Planner" Gerald Green, will petition the Planning and Zoning Commission for a rezoning of the property in October.

Click Here for Details:


05/2005: Greenlife Grocery--A bad neighbor for local residents.
Finally a local grocery store that much of the North Central neighborhoods of Asheville can walk to. Too bad they've chosen not to be a good neighbor

Click Here for Details: UPDATED 10/09/05

Brownie Newman, Holly Jones, and Terry Bellamy for making the 08/20/05 public hearing a possibility! Let's follow through and have the UDO violations enforced.

See the Mail Bag for Dunn, Mumpower, and Worley's neglect of the problem.


02/2005: Public Comment on Rule Changes for Development Procedures
A Group of developers has created a document to "streamline" the development approval procedures used by the city.

The proposed rule changes are far reaching and could in some circumstances eliminate public comment on major development proposals within Asheville.

Click Here for Details:


02/2005: Campus Crest Development - Montford Neighborhood
Scott Shuford essentially guarantees the preservation of a large tract of mature trees as a buffer, even after repeated inquiry by councilwoman Terry Bellamy. The trees were subsequently clear cut. Shuford's response, 'they'll grow back.'

Click Here for details:


01/2003: Broadway Rezoning to the so called "Neighborhood Corridor" designation.
This is where got started, raising citizen awareness about the impact of rezoning asheville's last undeveloped thorough fair into the city.

These pages are of an old format:
Click Here for details about the issue.
Click Here for the outcome (City Attorney Bob Oast's "creative" interpretation of the law was a huge blow to citizens)